About The Expositors

Katherine Jean Foley
Katherine "Katie" Jean Foley is an alias for Rachel, an over-worked, underemployed twenty-something with six figures of student loan debt. (Her high school English teacher assured her she was both cute and fun, redeeming qualities if ever they existed.) She has been active in Senate District 50 for around three years. Feel free to "friend" her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KFoley542.

Danny S.
Danny is an associate of Katie's.  He's never been a resident of SD 50 but he is a native from the Minnesota metro.  Danny is an under-employed, twenty-something, homosexual man, married for less than a year and working as an "independent contractor."  He is a historian by academic training and a political junkie by hobby who looks forward to continuing to contribute to The Expo.

David Stanton, PhD
David is Treasurer of SD50 and serves on the DFL State Central Committee.  He has been an active Democrat since George McGovern's 1972 presidential run.  David is a disabled navy veteran who has been given multiple awards, including the Navy Achievement Medal.   He is a devout Catholic and active parish volunteer.  Aside from his parish and political volunteering, David also finds time to volunteer at a local nursing home, serve on the state board of the Knights of Columbus, and help teach elementary students to read.  He has been married to his beautiful wife for 36 years and looks forward to contributing to The Expo when he can find a spare minute to do so.  Stay tuned for more expository work from David!  

Natalie Preston
Natalie is another under-employed twenty-something who has been wondering what her diploma could fetch her on eBay.  She has never resided in SD50 and is actually not a native Minnesotan but she likes her adoptive state very much and has embraced the sordid world of Minnesota politics.  She is a first generation Democrat who became politically active during her junior year of college.   She looks forward to contributing to The Expo, sometimes as a satirist and sometimes as a essayist.  Stay tuned for more of Natalie's work!     

Rick Nelson  
Rick is a lifelong DFLer and long time union supporter.  He started his union life as a member of AFSCME, eventually becoming an steward.  He them moved on to becoming a business agent for MAPE and has now gone full circle by becoming a business agent for AFSCME.  He is an active member of Senate District 50, serving as a head election judge and attending several state DFL conventions.  He has a wife, three daughters and one granddaughter.  He looks forward to having an outlet for venting his political frustration.  Be sure to watch for more posts contributed by Rick.  

John Heluska
"The pen name, John Haluska, is used by a well known film and tv celebrity who likes to write for liberal blogs as a way to releve the stress that comes from dealing with the demands placed on him by his adoring public, a fawning press corp, and an overflowing stable of very demanding godesses." - But in all seriousness, John is an active member of SD50.