Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Contributed by Katherine "Katie" Foley 12.2010

There is a universal claim that the nation has become right-leaning, which accounted for the ousting of many members of the most "transformational" federal legislatures in a generation (Kevin Diaz, Star Tribune, December 25, 2010).

The seemingly right-leaning-ness was not confined to the federal level, however.  Minnesota's Senate also went Republican, something that had not been accomplished in almost four decades.  But there is a light in the middle of it all - in Senate District 50.  We managed to get two DFL Representatives (Reps. Laine and Knuth) and a non-incumbent Senator (Sen. Goodwin) elected.

Now we hope to solidify the future viability of our success by utilizing a multi-media format.  One of these mediums will be in the form of a blog - this blog.  We hope you will stay tuned for more posts from a left-leaning source.  If we can't beat the "right" in fundraising we can at least do our part to control the tone of the dialogue.

Peace be with you and yours and Happy New Year!

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