Thursday, February 10, 2011

The MN GOP Reveals Its True Colors with an Outrageously Inappropriate Campaign Brochure

Contributed by Danny S. 
Will the MN GOP ever learn from the past mistakes of political campaigns and political parties?

The MN GOP has mailed out a questionable campaign brochure that smears a DFL candidate who won the DFL primary for a special election in Northern Minnesota (House district 5B).  Carly Melin, the DFL candidate rhetorically attacked by what appears to be a highly inappropriate campaign mailer, has called for the current chairman of the MN Republican Party, Tony Sutton, to resign, according to the Star Tribune.

Melin—a 25-yr.-old attorney—is pictured in the brochure, which calls for voters to “Take your best shot” at “liberal” politicians.  

Indeed, according to the Star Tribune, the MN GOP has funded and mailed out a campaign brochure against Melin, a pro-gun Democrat running for a Minnesota House seat located in Northern Minnesota.  The campaign brochure strongly encourages voters to stand up for their “gun rights.”  Moreover, the campaign brochure implies that so-called “Liberal St. Paul Politicians” pose a risk to gun ownership.

Also pictured in the campaign brochure is a hunter with a shotgun.  That page of the brochure is emblazoned with the words “Take your best shot,” according to the Star Tribune.  On the next page of the campaign mailer, a display of Ms. Melin’s picture is shown.  

After the recent tragedy in Tucson, this extremely unfortunate and highly inappropriate campaign mailing seems insensitive, misleading, and possibly dangerous.  We all know that some individuals do not have adequate mental health resources in our society.  We all know that some people take criminal actions when they feel that they are justified in so doing.  Our political leadership across the political spectrum ought to encourage lawful and responsible behavior, since even a single, deranged person can do too much harm to the democratic process and our communities.  It seems that those on the political right who take delight in using violent political campaign rhetoric have gone too far here.

With this truly ugly campaign brochure, the MN Republican Party has crossed the bounds of acceptable campaign rhetoric and basic human decency.  The MN Republican Party should immediately stop sending this ad, and the MN Republican Party should officially issue an apology to Ms. Melin and Minnesota’s voters, without further delay or attempts at distraction.    

Additionally, the current chairman of the MN Republican Party, Tony Sutton, ought to retract the campaign ad and profusely apologize to the voters and Ms. Melin, or step down from his leadership post.

In terms of the governance of our people, our democratic government can only be as good as the people who choose it and participate in the democratic process.  The current words and actions of Mr. Sutton are unacceptable when comprising a part of this democratic process.  In addition to Mr. Sutton, the rest of the MN Republican Party should feel ashamed to fund and put its name on this sort of campaign drivel—pure nonsense that confuses the voters and possibly harms both the community and the community’s dialogue with elected officials.          

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