Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tonight I Fell In Love

Contributed by Katie Foley

Tonight, whilst browsing when I should very well have been sleeping, I discovered Alan Grayson. He's fantastic. At the very least, I have a new celebrity crush.  However, given the totality of the circumstances, I wouldn't be surprised if tonight I dreamt 1990's Disney-animated dreams, in which Mr. Grayson and I dance in the moonlight while Elton John and/or Phil Collins croon/s in the background about Love. 

The point is, I recommend browsing through the links on his website if you work in a cubicle or just have some time to kill on-line.

The best of what I found by him, however, was the following, which he is credited as having said on November 22, 2011

 “Last time, the [Republican] nominee was named McCain.  Now the person who is leading in their race is named Cain.  You have to consider the possibility that it’s because of the name.

“You have to consider that possibility.  It might just be the name.

“And what is that story?  I mean, think about it.  Why would they be so attracted to somebody named Cain?  As I recall the story, he killed his brother with the jawbone of a donkey, which probably meant he wanted to blame it on the Democrats.

“And then when God said, ‘Where’s your brother?’, Cain said, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’  As if he had no idea.

“And that is actually the fundamental question that separates us from them, right?  Am I my brother’s keeper?  Our answer is, ‘Yes, we are.’  We are.”  

Well said, Mr. Grayson. Well said.

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