Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vikings Stadium: Proponents Warn Against Opponents' Free-Riding Mentality

PAM’s Response to SaveTheVikes.Org

The Vikings’ proposal to build a stadium in Arden Hills has created many a heated opinion among the residents of SD50. The overwhelming majority of the active members of SD50’s DFL are opposed to the stadium, and some of those people are even Viking fans.

But lately the website SaveTheVikes.Org intimated that most people who support the Arden Hills stadium proposal are employed, whereas those who oppose the plan are unemployed and are upset “because the government isn’t giving them enough.”

“As with any public hearing we do expect to hear from opposition on a Vikings stadium and given the time slot, the advantage goes to opponents. We typically see those who are unemployed or on a fixed income advocating against a new stadium because the government isn’t giving them enough. All while the majority of the Vikings 2.5 million fans are working." (sic throughout) cite

That’s right – opponents are unemployed socialists who oppose a tax-payer supplemented stadium who want a bigger handout,* while proponents are hardworking (dare I say, “free market”) Vikings fans. They fail entirely to mention Zygi Wilf or his net worth, which he has declined to make public but which is estimated to at least exceed $1.

“I thought you'd appreciate this.”

You thought correctly, Mr. B. Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for the foresight to take a screen shot of the website, in case they modify it later.

*Apparently government money is okay (to help the wealthy in the form of stadium funding or an absurdly low capital gains tax), it's government ownership and control that’s offensive

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